Best forex and economic news websites in 2022


Barrons provides a portfolio of leading market news and quotes for financial specialists. On the Barrons website, you can find valuable RealTime Analysis, podcasts, videos, and financial advisor center...

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Bloomberg is arguably one of the most well know financial and stock market news platforms in the world. Every trader can relay on Bloomberg's currencies news, stock news, along with the commodities and ETFs latest news. The company is also very famous for its top-class trading terminal - the Bloomberg Terminal...

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CNBC is a leading world market and financial news provider that has more than 3m daily online visitors. With CNBC you are covered by the latest market data, business and politics news, and the best tech and investing analysis...

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Financial Times

Financial Times is one of the world's well-known financial news providers and a global leading brand in the financial markets industry. Stay on the edge of the latest financial, business, companies, tech, and market news, charts, and analysis...

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Market Watch

Market Watch is a global leading financial portal that gives its visitors trustworthy markets and investing news, charts, and quotes. The company is also well-known for its classic watchlist powered by Down Jones and retirement news, tips, and advice...

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Nasdaq is ranked 2nd biggest stock exchange by the market capitalization of the shares traded on it and it is famous all around the world. On the Nasdaq website, every trader or investor can find valuable daily market overviews, charts, quotes, reports, and analysis from the source...

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Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal as also known as the Bible about the stock and financial markets is the ultimate media and tool to keep track of the latest market news, politics, and economy updates. WSJ also provides tech, life and arts, and Real Estate news and information...

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